Passion For Freedom

Wake Up Call

I was so impressed watching one of the voting stories on TV that came out of Iraq when they had their first Election Day. The camera followed a seventy-nine year old man as he walked a little over a mile to his poling place. He had to walk because, due to security, no cars were allowed. With the help of his cane and relatives on either side, he very slowly made his way to cast the ballot that had been denied him all these years.

How strong in the heart of man is the yearning for freedom. Through the centuries, freedom in government has been a rare bird. But no matter how long people have been suppressed and dictated to, freedom is an intoxicating fragrance with an irrepressible allure. That’s why I think so many millions literally risked their lives to vote in Iraq for the first time.

I believe the desire for freedom is rooted in one of God’s precious gifts to us: free will. Since God was willing to allow us to make our own choices, even bad ones, how can world institutions try to deny them? We are our Father’s children when we have a passion for freedom. And so, congratulations Iraq! If you love freedom as much as you showed on your first Election Day, you will do well. Don’t ever let the passion die!



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