Time Passes Either Way

Wake Up Call

window-shutters1Have you ever had a dream to do something but time passes and you never do it? Finally the dream becomes a shadow. It just doesn’t seem possible anymore. Too much time has passed and it seems too late to start.

When I was in my early twenties I let quite a few dreams slip through my fingers. I looked at the thing I wanted to do and the time investment seemed daunting. In those days a few years seemed to stretch before me like a mountain range; unassailable. Then one day I was mulling over my life and realized something pretty obvious.

If I would have started my dream when it first rose up in my heart I would now be finished. The time had passed whether I worked on my dream or not. Time, you know, is a strict task master; use it or lose – it couldn’t care less; it’s going to march on regardless.

So the next time a dream lifted its head I tried to be smarter about it. Don’t look at how long it is going to take, I told myself; just start it and see what happens. This has worked well. I am now on the other side of several dreams that have been realized. When I look back on the time it took it feels like it flew by in a snap.

No matter what your age right now, it is not too late to start working on a dream. Visit the old dream closet, pick through the drawers and see if there isn’t something worth salvaging. How would you finish this sentence: “I always wanted to…..”? However you filled in the blank is the start of a dream that you can begin.

You might as well go ahead and do it. Remember, time is passing either way.