Heart of Forgiveness

Wake Up Call

It totally blows my mind that Jesus could have known all along that Judas was going to betray Him and yet He treated him as a friend to the end. I can’t imagine myself doing the same. Even after the last supper when Jesus took a basin and towel and washed the disciples’ feet, Judas was right there.

A foot washing ceremony is a very humbling experience, in case you have never participated in one. Though it may be a simple act, there is something profound about actually washing someone else’s feet. Jesus was willing to be a servant and Judas was willing to receive it yet run out afterward and betray Him.

What enabled the Lord to display this heart of forgiveness in such a real way? Not only did He know that Judas was about to turn on Him, He knew He was about to carry more than just that one offense against himself. He was about to bear the weight of the sin of the whole world, past, present and future. Jesus could do this because it was the very reason He had come into the world.

If you have a really difficult thing to forgive, think about Jesus and Judas. Think about the fact that it was also for your sins that He accepted betrayal. He would have washed your feet if you had been there at the last supper. After you let that sink in, how can you resist having that same heart of forgiveness?