Don’t Let Style Throw You

Wake Up Call

marblesNot long ago I was invited to attend a really big conference at another church. The speakers were all famous and have big ministries. I was excited about the topic, and was looking for a wonderful and inspiring time. The worship was upbeat and victorious and the auditorium was packed to the gills. They gave a prize to someone who had traveled the farthest – several states away – to be there.

But I had a problem. At the end of the service when we were trailing out I met up with my friend who had invited me. I could see from her smile that she thought everything was just wonderful. I didn’t. “How did you like it?” she asked. I couldn’t help but tell her the truth: I thought the speaker was right on the money in everything she said. I thought she spoke the truth. BUT – too much hype! The speaker’s style was so obnoxious to me I had a hard time receiving anything from God.

I went home and continued to think about it. I remembered that at the end of the service when the speaker was praying over the audience I could feel a genuine anointing.

Whether I liked the way she did things or not, couldn’t I receive whatever was there that was genuinely anointed by the Lord? We need to be careful not to get tripped up by style. We all have our preferences. The style doesn’t indicate one way or the other whether God is there. Both exuberance and restraint can be used by the Holy Spirit.

God help me to dig down deep enough to find out if HE is really there!



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