How Many Marbles In Your Pitcher?

Wake Up Call

marblesHow much room for God do you have in your life? I’m talking about the space he needs to take over and function from inside you. Most of us have heard the saying that we are supposed to be “Jesus with skin on” to other people. He has gone back to heaven for a time and now the work of ministry is up to us as we allow him to use us to love others.

To what extent are you Jesus with skin on to those around you? I have to admit for myself that I fall far short. I wonder if it is because I have too many marbles in my pitcher.

Suppose you have a thirsty crowd to satisfy. You fill an empty pitcher in your house with water so you’ll be ready to pour out a nice cool drink to each one. But if your pitcher is filled with marbles, you will have lots less room for the refreshing water and it certainly won’t go as far.

The marbles are the sins, the selfishness, and the personal ambitions I have filling up my life. They are the hard little balls of “me” that take up space. Depending on how many marbles I have, there is a lot less capacity to fill up on God’s Spirit.

If I want to be a refreshing drink of water for thirsty souls around me, I better dump out all the marbles before asking for a fill up. The Holy Spirit will only be able to give me what there is room for.



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