Healing in Hearing – Psalm 28:7

Wake Up Call

My friend Margaret got used to the elevators being unavailable at the University where she was taking classes. There was a huge remodeling project going on and after all, the stairs were probably better for you anyhow. In fact, she really didn’t even pay attention anymore. But one day all the cones were cleared away and the new elevator system was a go.

Until that moment she had not admitted to herself that she actually didn’t want to get on the elevator anyhow. The truth was that she had been developing an “elevator” phobia for quite some time. She stood in the middle of the hall and didn’t know what to do. Finally, she prayed. “Oh, God, what should I do?” Loud – almost audible – she heard a voice over her shoulder; “Margaret, take the elevator!”

The voice was firm and sure. Okay then God, she said to herself. She marched over to the elevator and got on and rode to her floor. The funny thing is that she was never afraid to get on an elevator again after that. God brought healing to her as she heard and obeyed. She didn’t second guess it or resist and that is probably for the best, she realized. She figured she must be okay or He wouldn’t have told her to get on.

Margaret was living out what is says in Psalm 28:7; “My heart trusted in Him, and I am helped.” Healing comes in all different ways; this time it came in hearing. Whichever way it comes for you, be sure and obey.



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