The Best Boss – Proverbs 21:1

Wake Up Call

If you are in a very difficult work situation with a very difficult boss, here is something which might help to see you through. For the majority of my working career I was extremely blessed by the quality and competence of my superiors. I therefore appreciated them all the more when I finally reported to someone who was a nightmare.

The big thing was the uncertainty. No clear communications or expectations; no feedback except negative; no idea how the whole thing would turn out or how long it would go on.

Then a friend was praying for me and was led to this passage from Proverbs 21:1. “The king’s heart is like channels of water in the hand of the Lord; He turns it wherever He wishes.” When she told me, it felt like cool water on a scorched day and I knew God was giving me a new perspective.

God is really the one in charge, even of bad bosses. They think they do as they please but that is not the truth. They can’t make one decision without the Lord’s permission. How hard that is to bear when all their decisions make your life so miserable.

Ah, but the good part is that even when they make your life hard, it is only so God can use it to bless you more in the end. Trust me; God is working something good for you. That’s how it turned out for me. In a sense, my bad boss was my greatest because he was the last. God orchestrated a release and a whole new life for me.

No matter who you are working for remember who you are really working for. Bar none – He’s the best boss.



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