The Agenda

Wake Up Call

seedpodOnce I was invited to a small dinner party of professional women by a co-worker of mine. I had only been a Christian for about a year and I viewed every social event as a potential witnessing opportunity. After we have come to the light of knowing Christ we want everyone to be so blessed.

The party was lovely and the conversation flowed smoothly but I wasn’t enjoying myself. Every little attempt I made at turning things in a spiritual direction didn’t work. I couldn’t relax because I was bent on my secret agenda. Instead of approaching these new ladies as individuals I saw them as souls to win.

Maybe that sounds okay but the truth is that people reject being objects and something in them senses when that is the case. I never saw any of them again after that night but I had a vague idea I had missed it. I was right – I had.

What if I had simply accepted each one for who she was and genuinely tried to connect with any mutual interests we might have? That would have opened the door to potential friendship. It is often out of friendship that we earn the right and credibility to introduce our friend to Christ.

If we want to introduce the Good News to people, we have to treat them like God would; like the treasures he made them to be. They will respond to that. That’s the right agenda.



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