What Is Antimony? – Isaiah 54:11

Wake Up Call

Do you love gemstones such as rubies, diamonds, and sapphires? Do you delight in the sparkle and depth of color, turning them in the light to catch their brilliance? Of course loose stones aren’t necessarily shown or carried to their best advantage; people usually have them mounted in a setting.

God often speaks of rewards to his people in terms of gems. He says “And your foundations I will lay in sapphires” and “I will make your battlements of rubies, and your gates of crystal” (Isaiah 54:11-12). He also has a setting in mind – one that will adequately support our stones.

Here is his promise: “Behold, I will set your stones in antimony” (Verse 11).  I often read that scripture, but it didn’t mean too much to me because I didn’t know what antimony was. Finally I discovered it refers to the way metals are mixed and weighted for greater power and strength.

We wouldn’t place a beautiful diamond in a tin setting that might cave under the weight, and God wouldn’t place our gifts in a weak or unsubstantial mounting either. We could paraphrase Verse 11 by saying; “I will set your stones in a strong setting that has many elements combined to make it stronger and more secure.”

God is building a life for each one of us that is rock solid. He wants our gifts shown brilliantly and with splendor. He wants us to shine and sparkle as we are held up to the light. Our setting is durable and mighty, and it displays God’s faithfulness to us. Now THAT is antimony.



  1. Katherine

    Now that verse makes good sense to me. It’s so God to describe us as His precious gems

    • Ariel

      This helps me understand that verse so much better. Thank you!

      • Glorya Collins

        Thank you that helps me so much!!!

  2. C. L. Taylor

    What a blessing! Thank you for sharing that!

  3. Rebecca Johnstone

    If you read the concordances there is a far richer description of the language – Though he wants to protect us and provide a strong setting I don’t see this as the primary meaning of the use of these words in the passage – it is not so much about strenth and protection, as it is about setting the precious things he has given his people in a way that will bring out their best.

    This passage is set in the context of describing a woman [the church] who is barren, and goes on to say that she will be the bearer of many many children, and she will be adorned for her husband – her Creator and ‘Maker’ . The adornment referred to is saphires and other stones set in a metal called ‘Antimony’. This metal was used in the Persian ancient world as an eye liner – we know it today as Khol eyeliner – Cambridge concordance says the word ‘puhk’ in the translation refers to this. “In the figure the antimony would represent the costly mortar used to set off the brilliancy of the still more costly stones. ”

    In another passage in 1 Chronicles 29:2, where we read of “stones of pûkh” (R.V. “stones for inlaid work”) are used in the preparation of the Temple – but again these are not for ‘strength’ but as an adornment – to bring out the best qualities in the stones – here the stones may be seen as ‘gifts’ from God.
    God bless you. R

  4. Rebecca Johnstone

    Read the concordances about Antimony – it is actually referring to the use of it as kohl eyeliner. The context of this passage describes the church as a barren woman who is not left bereft, but is to become the mother of many children, and who is not disgarded, but is to be the wife to her Maker, her husband. In the context you can’t get away from the use of the metal Antimony referring to the setting of the eyes into a surrounding of black khol [antimony] which sets them off to their best effect. The precious stones are the gifts and the many qualities shown in the soul through the eyes – which are shown to best effect when adorned with khol.
    If you want a biblical reference for Antimony as a setting providing ‘strength’ and stability you may find something like that in a different passage [https://biblehub.com/1_chronicles/29-2.htm] but here in this verse it specifically says the stones are set in ‘Antimony’ – so we must assume the meaning of Antimony is actually that God will bring out the best in the gifts and qualities he has instilled in His people. See concordances on this verse for more.

    • SLC

      Dear wake ip call
      thank you so much for your
      beautiful interpretation of
      antimony. It is quite correct
      although the other comnents
      elaborate other aspects of the
      verse. The creativeness &
      vastmess of Gods living word
      is well-unending! I especially like
      ‘God is building a foundation in our life thate is rock solid’
      Bless you!!!!♥️

  5. Lianna

    Thank you! I have been searching and searching to find more about what antimony actually means. This brings more life to this verse for me!

  6. Mrs. James Clemons

    Thanks for the detailed description of the meaning of antimony!

  7. Donna

    This beautiful scripture is referring to Israel, the church in the wilderness (Acts 7:38). How blessed we are to be grafted in (Romans 11) and fellow-citizens of God’s household (Eph 2:19). If we are Messiah’s, we are Abraham’s seed! (Gal 3:29) Same gospel, Jesus in God’s Feasts. (Heb 4:2) God bless you!


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