Divide & Conquer – Proverbs 30:20

Wake Up Call

“This is the way of an adulterous woman: She eats and wipes her mouth, and says, ‘I have done no wrong.'” (Proverbs 30:20)

I read those words and am reminded of someone I know who is acting that same way right now. The scripture uses the example of a woman but in my case it is a man. Actually, both sexes succumb to sin and then denial.

The gentleman I know about is a real shocker to most people who had no idea that a poison stew was brewing – probably for quite some time. Now that the whole thing is public, everyone is wondering what went wrong.

How does this happen? How does someone’s public life and private life operate on two entirely different tracks? I think it happens when the person falls for what must be the devil’s oldest trick in the book: divide and conquer.

First pull the person off to the side by introducing thinking such as: they are the only one who feels this way; they can handle it; it’s too embarrassing to report; what would people say about this since they are supposed to be the one who knows better; surely they deserve more out of life than they currently have, etc.

Next, get the person to begin to act on their thought life which is filled with faulty thinking and sinful attractions. Once action is taken, numb their conscious to their true condition. Finally, when all is known and questions are pounding on them they can proclaim: “I have done no wrong.”

Don’t let this happen to you! Are you on the road to leading two lives? Guard your thoughts and guard your emotions. Share your heart continually with someone who will challenge you and hold you accountable.

Why should Satan divide and conquer you? Turn the tables. YOU divide and conquer him!



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