Love Little Or Much – Luke 7:47

Wake Up Call

I rescued a cat once who seemed to understand the significance of it and who always seemed so grateful. I know it’s hard to understand how an animal could somehow convey that, but often they do. They don’t take food, shelter and safety for granted.

It’s also true for people. Some have lived such a desperate life that when they finally come to the safety of Jesus? arms they never take it for granted. That’s the way it was for the woman who came to Jesus while he was having dinner at the house of a Pharisee. She kept wiping his feet with her tears “and kissing His feet, and anointing them with the perfume.” (Luke 7:38)

To the host of the dinner party she was annoying and he secretly judged her. But the Lord saw deeper. He saw that she had the capacity to be his true disciple exactly because of her past life. He told the Pharisee: “‘…her sins, which are many, have been forgiven, for she loved much; but he who is forgiven little, loves little.’” (Verse 47)

How much have you been forgiven? What was the old life – the BC (before Christ) life like? Are you more like the Pharisee who doesn’t have much sense of the magnitude of his sin or like the woman weeping at the feet of Jesus?

Answer that and you will know whether you will love little or much.



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