The Power of Blessing – Genesis 28:13

Wake Up Call

I just noticed something new while reading the Bible story of how Jacob was sent off by his parents Isaac and Rebekah to pick a wife.

As Jacob went, he stopped overnight and had a dream encounter with God. He saw a ladder extending to heaven with angels going up and down and within the dream God spoke to him; “I am the Lord, the God of your father Abraham and the God of Isaac. I will give you and your descendants the land on which you are lying.” (Genesis 28:13)

What an impact that dream had. It changed Jacob’s whole sorry conniving life. He finally seemed to “get it”. He made a pact with God and said; “…then the Lord will be my God…” Jacob got off Isaac’s spiritual coattails and began to serve God from his own heart.

While reading, I flipped back a page and noticed something about the sendoff which prepared the encounter. Isaac pronounced a great blessing on his son before he left – a prophetic blessing soon to be fulfilled. Isaac said in part; “May He (God) give you and your descendants the blessing given to Abraham, so that you may take possession of the land where you now live as an alien, the land God gave to Abraham.” (Genesis 28:4)

What Isaac spoke over his son is the very thing God revealed to Jacob in the dream encounter. Is that a coincidence? I doubt it. I believe Isaac’s blessing had a profound effect in setting the stage for the deep change in Jacob’s heart.

Can we speak blessings over our children that will have a profound spiritual effect? I believe we can. Just as Isaac’s blessing was powerful, so ours can be too. I for one have determined not to miss a chance from now on to pronounce blessings over every area of my daughter’s lives. If I dream up big enough blessings, maybe they will be climbing the next ladder to heaven.