Break Through the Crust

Wake Up Call

Do you find it hard to say “I’m sorry”? When you do or say something that offends, even unintentionally, do you avert your eyes, harden your heart and go on in silence? Is it even harder if the person is in your own family, someone who by all rights should be treated better than an acquaintance?

I’m looking out my window right now at a frozen winter wonderland. It is bitter cold and the snow that fell yesterday is white and glistening but there is a hard crust over all of it. It’s going to take some effort to shovel the portion of driveway I didn’t get to yesterday. I’m going to have to break off that top crust to get my shovel down to the base and lift it away.

I wonder if that is the same thing that happens to our heart when we can’t quite get those good words “I’m sorry” out of our mouth. A hard crust is created. A little freeze occurs which can turn into a glacier over time. Think how long it takes for a glacier to thaw. How much better it is to not allow it to build up.

Work to keep that hard stuff broken up so your heart will remain soft. When it is difficult to sincerely apologize and the words stick in your throat, swallow hard and push them out anyhow. Each time you do it, it will become easier because there is no layer of crust to go through.

The person on the other side of the apology will experience a softening too, and will probably graciously dismiss your offense. Whether they do or not, YOUR heart is clean and soft. Go ahead, you can do it. Break through that crust today!