Lone Wolf-Easy Target – John 10:10

Wake Up Call

Do you know any lone wolf Christians? I know a man who has made a genuine commitment to Christ but he does not attend any church. He used to but he dropped out for some reason. He does not attend any small fellowship group or Bible study and he does not have a spiritual mentor.

This man owns his own business so he doesn’t report to anyone; everyone reports to him which gives him complete control. I get the feeling that is exactly the way he likes it. His friends are concerned but know that broaching the subject of spiritual accountability is taboo so he has no one to tell him how dangerous his life is.

How dangerous is it? Well, here’s the problem. The Lord never compared his people to wolves; he speaks of his followers as sheep instead. Sheep are not loners; in fact, sheep hang out together because they have no natural protection. They need to keep their eyes on the Shepherd for their food, water and shelter. Sheep are rather fearful, complaining and a little stubborn but they are thankfully not self sufficient and never controlling.

If a sheep decides to leave the flock, dress up like a wolf and head out to conquer the world, what are his chances of success? A masquerading sheep sticks out like a sore thumb to the real wolf; the devil. “The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy.” (John 10:10) The lone wolf makes a pretty easy target doesn’t he?

If you ever have any thoughts about getting away from all those pesky fellow sheep, lasso them in. Better to be in the middle of a sheepfold than your enemy’s bull’s-eye.