Have You Five Smooth Stones? – 1 Samuel 17:10

Wake Up Call

Consider the young David as he went up against the nine foot tall giant, Goliath. So resolute; so courageous! What a remarkable story in God’s Word but is there a way it has practical relevance for us today in our own battles?

We all have giants in our land. Those impossible, insurmountable things in life that shout down to us with scorn and derision; “I defy the armies of Israel this day; give me a man, that we may fight together” (1 Samuel 17:10). Goliath was boastful and arrogant for good reason: he was really BIG, had never been defeated and figured he never would be, especially by the wimpy Israelite army who sat on the other side of the mountain shaking in their boots.

But consider this: David was well prepared to go into battle with Goliath. He was being led by the Spirit of God; this was God’s timing; David was confident – not arrogant; and his life experiences rose up to help him. He used a weapon he was totally familiar with, (his slingshot) and felled the giant after withdrawing five smooth stones from his shepherd’s pouch.

Now look at your own giant and realize that there is not a battle you are up against that you are not already equipped to win. God has been preparing you all of your life for every adversity, problem and mountain of impossibility that will ever come your way. Alone tending sheep, I’m sure David never imagined that he would face Goliath or anyone else like him. Yet there was inside of him a reservoir for victory.

God has placed that inside you too. Look down deep; what weapon is already in your pouch? Have you five smooth stones?