The License Plate Memo

Wake Up Call

mintA friend of mine just told me a delightful story about how God spoke to her through a license plate. You know how people are putting abbreviated messages on their license plates these days. She loves to read them and figure them out but a certain one puzzled her.

A month or so ago she started repeatedly seeing the same van on her way to work each morning. She noticed because the driver darted in front of her several times and she had to slam on her brakes. This van had a message in the license plate but she couldn’t figure it out.

During the same period of time my friend was struggling with a career decision. She is highly trained and gifted in her field but she is also dependent on a fluctuating job market for her skills. She had been considering doing an about turn and finding any job that would pay the bills on a more consistent basis. Actually she had already applied for jobs outside her field unsuccessfully.

One morning she prayed as she drove. “Lord, what should I do? Should I make a career change?” Suddenly there was that van again and it planted itself right in front of her. She looked at the license plate…and then the light went on. The plate said: USE YOUR GIFTS. The moment after she finally “got it”, the van changed lanes again and zoomed off. She has never seen it again.

As I’m sure you have guessed she decided not to change careers. Then the very next week an unexpected job opportunity came up which will help enormously with finances. If any of the rest of you are seeking God’s direction, keep a look-out. He’s creative you know; he may even speak through license plates!



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