Sun Spots

Wake Up Call

palms-sunriseA friend of mine just emailed me about how a work project is coming along and then mentioned a wonderful perspective on God’s magnificent design. I’ll share this portion of the note with you: “Walking back to my cubicle, the sun was shining through the windows, falling on the floor and lighting the space in a beautiful orange/yellow glow. God is amazing in the way he designed our world, each day changing the position of the sun to light ordinary places with brilliant rays.”

I never thought of that before or maybe I just took it for granted. The sun shows up in all sorts of places throughout the day. My cat realizes it because she follows the sun spots around the house all day-basking in them for as long as they linger. But sometimes we just happen upon them giving us an unexpected little gift. It is a gift from God.

Everything about the way God put creation together is unendingly remarkable. The sun certainly has a utilitarian purpose both for the universe and for our earth in particular but on top of that, God made it beautiful and enjoyable and even its rays delightful as we pass them in a hallway. He waits for us to discover his little love notes to us. I think when we notice like my friend did, he smiles. Maybe in the form of “brilliant rays.”



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