A Desert Spring – Psalm 84:6

Wake Up Call

Once I experienced a heart wrenching split with my church of seventeen years. At that time, a friend prayed and felt God gave him this scripture to share with me: “Blessed is the man whose strength is in you, whose heart is set on pilgrimage. As they pass through the Valley of Baca, they make it a spring…” (Psalm 84:6). The word “Baca” means “mourning” and I was definitely going through a valley of mourning.

The very nature of a desert is that there is little or no water so it is hard to reconcile that with turning what is dry and barren into a spring. Yet, that desert in my life was actually a deep sweet gushing spring even though it took some time to see it. I now believe it was because God knew my heart was set on pilgrimage.

If your heart is set on pilgrimage it means you want to keep moving on in God regardless of where that will take you. From my own experience, I believe it means traveling through deserts sometimes. The word “through” is encouraging because it denotes a temporary stay. You will come to the other side.

I wonder if some of you are in the valley of Baca at this time in your life? It’s not as dry as you think. While there, look for the spring.



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