One Small Step

Wake Up Call

snowdropAs each New Year begins, do you have in mind how it is going to go? Are you one of those that make resolutions and excitedly begins some new regimen such as weight loss, work-out or new habits? Maybe you have determined to begin anew spiritually and pray more or read God’s Word everyday. Good!

Goals are very good. They are a way to focus and since they are measurable, they help keep you on track and moving in the right direction. Yes, goals are good and I hope you have them but don’t fall into a common trap. It’s one I’ve fallen into myself in the past.

When I teach prayer for beginners I often use the analogy of the typical New Year’s resolution. Here’s how it goes: Week 1 we usually “over-do.” Week 2 we “do.” Week 3 we often “under-do.” Week 4 we “don’t do.” And that’s the end; after a month the goals and resolutions are forgotten. There is a better way.

Rather than start in a flurry, take one small step. With prayer I suggest just five minutes a day in the beginning. After that habit is firmly established, it can be expanded. Better to read only one verse of God’s Word every single day in the year than quit after a few weeks because you were gulping down too much and couldn’t maintain it.

One small step leads to the next. Sooner than you think you will establish a path. Next year at this time, you will be looking back on a well worn trail. Go ahead and begin.



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