Hang On

Wake Up Call

Perseverance is not a favorite word of mine. It conjures up things I don’t like such as “waiting” and “overcoming” and “gutting through hard times.” But the Bible talks about perseverance like it is a big deal and highly prized.

Luke 8:15 says that disciples of Jesus will “bear fruit with perseverance.” And James 1:12 tells us; “Blessed is a man who perseveres under trial.” How can we come to hold perseverance in a more favorable light? How can we treasure it? We need to look to the end result more.

I have a friend who persevered in prayer for her husband’s salvation. For more than fourteen years she looked to God’s promises instead of the man before her who seemed such a poor candidate to ever surrender his will to God. She needed perseverance because year after year there was no change.

Well, finally, when the change came, how glad she was that she hung on. The satisfaction she felt in seeing her husband born-again was worth it in the end. But beside results for her husband her perseverance had a good effect on her too. She became a deep, seasoned, mature Christian and she cannot be easily shaken.

If you feel perseverance is being worked in you right now, don’t despise that. You will come to the end; things will not always be this way. And what will you find when it is all over? That “you may be perfect and complete, lacking in nothing.” (James 1:4) Hang on!


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