Light is Coming – Psalm 30:5

Wake Up Call

I remember a friend whose husband had an uncommon inner ear problem. Actually the original symptom that manifested was dizziness and the doctors practically got dizzy going in circles trying to diagnose it. My friend’s husband became more and more debilitated until he could no longer go to work.

Naturally, they sought prayer and God’s healing power because they were both committed mature Christians. They also went through their “Why, God?” routine. Had they done something to bring this on? Was there sin in their life? Were they under demonic attack? Solutions did not come easy.

It took more than two years to get to the medical root of his condition and then the options were limited. There was no medicine to cure it. Basically they were told that he had to adapt his life to manage it. Amazingly that is what happened but that took another year. My friend’s husband is now fully functional. In fact, the whole incident made way for him to quit his job and start a business that he always had an interest in.

We love the quick fix. We don’t want to fool around with long drawn out solutions that aren’t clean and clear. We want to get to the bottom line and then move on. It doesn’t always go that way and God has good reasons for it. He is working on things that are hidden to us – at least while we are going through them.

If you are in such a place right now, don’t give up. You will get to the other side. When you do, you may see much better and God’s loving hand will become evident. Trust Him in the darkness; light is coming.

“Weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning” (Psalm 30:5).



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