Fill Up

Wake Up Call

The thing that irritates me about gas prices is that you can’t stock up. I can watch for sales on paper towels or butter and then load up but not so with gasoline. My tank holds just so many gallons and when the needle registers on “E” I have no choice but to pull into a station. If not I better be prepared to walk.

There is a commodity in the spiritual realm that operates similarly. It is LOVE. Daily life continually burns down our supply of love. We go the extra mile with someone. We show patience instead of a short fuse; we give instead of take; we smile instead of growl. By the end of the week — or even one very tough day, we are on “Empty.”

Maybe this is all part of God’s plan. He wants us to return to him often; dependant on him for a fresh supply of what we can not manufacture on our own — or pull off a shelf. Love keeps the world from spiraling into chaos. It keeps hate and mistrust at bay. Love is the oil for the friction in relationships. Love produces grace and patience and endurance in long trials.

We can’t stockpile love any more than we can gasoline. We need to be re-supplied as we go. Thankfully, the nearest station is just a prayer away. “Lord, I’m on empty. Please fill me with your love.”

Are you cranky, critical or cantankerous right now? Feel like you are ready to explode? You’re probably running on empty. Don’t wait any longer. Fill up.



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