Check Your Pockets – Ruth 1:20

Wake Up Call

When Naomi in the Old Testament returned to the land of Israel after being away in Moab for many years she saw her friends again. When they met up she told them; “I went out full, and the Lord has brought me home again empty” (Ruth 1:21). I have to disagree with her about part of that.

I don’t think she returned empty. Naomi was remembering that she lost her husband and two sons while she was away. What she wasn’t thinking of was that she had returned home with a new seed: Ruth, her daughter-in-law. This was hidden seed so to speak. She had no idea that Ruth was about to be planted into Israel resulting in great blessings to Naomi and to the whole nation. Her seed would even become part of the genealogy of Jesus Christ.

When you have lost everything, don’t forget to look around. God never leaves us desolate; He always gives us new seed for planting no matter how bleak life looks. Out of it will spring new life, blessings, a hope and a future. But we have a choice. We can leave our seed stuffed in a pocket, unused and unplanted where it will never do us any good.

Have you suffered great loss and do you feel like Naomi – empty? I disagree. You have some seed somewhere. Check your pockets.



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