Squeezing Through Needles – Luke 18:25

Wake Up Call

What does this mean: “‘For it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God'”? (Luke 18:25) Even though I never understood it exactly I didn’t care much for that verse because like most, I’d rather be richer than poorer. Hey, Abraham was rich wasn’t he? Yeah, and he was in God’s kingdom, right?

Jesus makes this statement after a rich young man sadly departs from him when invited to distribute his massive wealth to the poor. Of course Jesus saw how attached his heart was to all he possessed. I can just see you and I claiming how we’d never be that attached if we were rich so we’d be okay wouldn’t we?

One way to tell how attached we would be is to examine how attached we are right now to what we currently do possess. Maybe it’s not much but how hard would it be to totally walk away from it like the rich young man in scripture was invited to do?

After careful examination of our attachment to “things” another good idea is to constantly keep on giving. Generosity is the greatest protection I know of to ward off a greedy and grasping spirit– one that is more attached to the blessings God provides than God himself. Therefore, every time there is an opportunity to give, don’t miss it.

Yes, indeed. Wouldn’t you rather that than try to squeeze through the eye of a needle?



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