Begin Again – Psalm 56:9

Wake Up Call

How many times have you started something and never finished it? (Unfortunately I’m famous for that one.) How many times have you lost weight and re-gained it? Lost a bad habit and found it again? Made a resolution and broke it?

Yet, somehow every New Years there is fresh hope, isn’t there? We believe somehow that we get a do-over. Fresh resolve rises up in us again and we give that thing a new try and we believe that THIS time we will make it.

Good! That’s exactly the attitude God takes when He looks at us and our best efforts. He’s always up for a do-over. If we have failed every single day of our lives He still has all the faith in the world in us to be successful’no matter if it’s New Years or any other day. He cheers us on and pours out grace in abundance to help us over any hard bumps.

If you are starting fresh on something this year, think of it from God’s viewpoint. You aren’t in it alone. You have your own personal cheering section and you will get VIP treatment. “This I know, that God is for me” (Psalm 56:9). Knowing that God is for you can carry you a long way in achieving success. Having someone who believes in you a hundred percent gives you a head start on really making it.

Past failures getting you down? Wondering if you should give it that old college try just one more time? Of course you should! Don’t you know that you plus God are a majority? Begin again!



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