Away With You Satan! – Matthew 4:10

Wake Up Call

It’s greatly to your advantage the better you know God’s Word. Why? Because you can use it to overcome temptation which is a huge benefit. That’s what Jesus did and we would do well to follow his example.

After Jesus had fasted 40 days in the beginning of his public ministry he was hungry and Satan thought it would be an opportune time to attack. The devil wanted Jesus to sin and sidetrack his ministry before it got off the ground.

Regardless of Satan’s strategy, Jesus responded with the truth of the Word. He kept saying; “It is written…” no matter what tact the devil took in trying to persuade him. Even when the devil tried to counter by quoting the Word himself in the second temptation, Jesus was not thrown. That’s because he more than knew the Word, he also understood it. The Word of God was strong enough to stop Satan in his tracks.

Finally Jesus said; “Away with you, Satan!” (Matthew 4:10) and the devil obeyed. Now it’s your turn. When a temptation comes, don’t spend time talking it over with the devil or considering giving in to it. What portion of the Word of God can you apply to it? Speak that out! Let the truth of it sink down into you and let it fall on a defeated devil. Then you can say; “Away with you, Satan!” and he will obey you too.