Past the Wire

Wake Up Call

time-piece2My daughter Jessica and I were having a discussion a few days ago about testing times that go down to the wire. Most Christians know all about that. God is famous for stretching our faith by often waiting until the very last moment to come through. He knows just what he is going to do but we are clueless and we get mighty anxious waiting on his provision.

Jessica has recently come through such a time. During the process, we often felt that God went past the wire. What’s up with that, we said. Sometimes, we noted, you can look back and see the good that was being accomplished with the squeezed timing but other times it remains a mystery.

I’m not sure with this particular trial if we will ever know exactly why it went the way it did. We agreed on something however: deep trials make you real. We are sick and tired of formula driven Christians who seem to have all the answers. Their glib testimonies often come off as superficial and phony.

We decided we would rather talk to one “real” battle scarred Christian than ten “successful” lightweights. Even if God took them down to the wire? Yes – even if he took them past it.