Make The Best Of It – Acts 16:25

Wake Up Call

Do you remember the time Paul and Silas were stuck in prison in the middle of the night in Philippi? It’s bad enough that they had been placed in the worst part of the prison and their feet were fastened in stocks but they had also had their clothes torn off and been beaten with rods during their arrest.

What terrible crime had they committed? Paul cast out a demon from a young slave girl who had a spirit of divination; her owner was upset that his hope of profit from her fortunetelling was gone. So we can also add injustice to the above offenses that Paul and Silas endured.

Now here is the really remarkable part of this story, something that amazes me over and over. While all this was going on, the two disciples of Jesus “were praying and singing hymns of praise to God, and the prisoners were listening to them.” (Acts 16:25) They weren’t murmuring and complaining. They weren’t angry at God. They weren’t depressed and discouraged. WOW!

I can’t say that I have always followed their example during my own tough times which hardly compare to theirs. But reading the story again I feel inspired to use Paul and Silas as my role models for the future. The end of their trial resulted in a great earthquake which led to the salvation of the jailor and his whole family. They were released from prison and went on their way to continue to spread the gospel.

So their prayer and praise had great benefit. I wonder if yours and mine might do the same during hard times if we will determine always to make the best of it.