It’s Slush Fun!

Wake Up Call

If you are already reaping the wonderful blessings from faithfully tithing, I want to share with you an idea to have even more fun. I learned about this several years ago by a couple who are worship leaders for a prominent ministry.

At a conference I attended, they told how they had instituted what they called a “slush fund” several years before. They started it up at a time when they were struggling financially but they wanted to be “givers” and not concentrate on any lack in their lives.

After their tithe, they began putting aside small amounts of extra cash as God provided. Little by little it would grow to the point of being enough to bless someone and then they would start to look out for an opportunity from God. In the beginning it might be as simple as handing $20 to a single mom after church and telling her to treat the kids to lunch at McDonald’s on the way home.

As time went along, they noticed that every time they gave, the slush fund would somehow be replenished – and then some. It kept multiplying to the point where they could give thousands – way beyond their ordinary ability based on their own income.

I have kept a slush fund on and off for many years and I can attest to how wonderfully and miraculously it works. You know how the Bible says; “God loves a cheerful giver”? (2 Corinthians 9:7) Actually, giving will help to make you cheerful. It’s slush fun!


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