Whose Life Is It Anyway?

Wake Up Call

Up until the time we enter into a personal relationship with God, most of us can identify with the fact that we pretty much live for ourselves. We run our own life any old way we want to. In fact, the disastrous failure of doing just that is often what causes one to realize they need to turn to the Lord. (That was certainly my case.)

Ah, then there is that moment of surrender. Now we can begin again; we have a new clean slate like a blank sheet of paper. The question is: who is going to fill it up this time? There are two strategies.

The first one is to write down everything we want, when we want it and how we want it. We take our crowded piece of paper and present it to God to get his signature. After all, we want him to bless our life and to approve all our plans because we are now smart enough to know we won’t get very far without him.

The second way is not so fun. Instead of asking for his signature we put ours at the bottom and present it to him blank. The only request we make is that he fill in our life anyway he wants to, when he wants to and how he wants to. Ugh! That’s hard. Who wants to let somebody else make all the decisions for their life?

Yes, true, but if that one has surrendered like they said, whose life is it anyway?



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