Stay Outside the Splash Area

Wake Up Call

Have you ever been to a water show such as the ones at Sea World? There is a splash area close to ringside where they warn you not to sit if you don’t want to get wet. When Shamu the killer whale hits the water after a big dive he causes quite a far reaching splash. Some people eagerly grab those seats in anticipation, especially if it’s a very hot day.

By the same token, if you sit too close to the world you will likely get IT sprayed all over you. That’s why the Bible says “Do not be deceived: ‘Bad company corrupts good morals.'” (1 Corinthians 15:33) Rub up against evil and it is sure to stain with a stain that may be hard to remove.

The thing is we always think we can edge a little closer and a little closer without suffering the consequences. Then there is another part of us that longs to be drenched because certain sins draw us like moths to the lamppost.

Truthfully, it just isn’t worth it. Yes, sin has a certain attractiveness but it is as short lived as a spray of water on a hot day. Momentary gratification gives way to very unpleasant consequences such as brokenness, disease, hurt and despair.

Better that we acknowledge those things up front. Better that we not rush to those ringside seats of sin. Better that we heed God’s warning: STAY OUTSIDE THE SPLASH AREA!


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