Wake Up Call

God had a problem to solve before he created us. He was looking for a relationship with his creation; he wanted love and intimacy to flow freely between humankind and himself. Yet, look how out of balance that would be. He’s great (the greatest); we’re small and weak and insignificant.

He would bowl us over; what could we ever offer him? Hmmm. Well, how about if he designed it so we could reject him? What if he gave us a capacity to serve him or not serve him – our choice? What if once he made that decision he never went back on it and let the chips fall where they may.

It was a masterful plan. In his wisdom he enacted it and called it FREE WILL. It was the only way to insure that any praise, love, or service we ever gave him would be worth anything at all. Yes, he’s had to endure quite a bit of rejection over thousands of years but at least the love he gets is freely given.

I notice that in the Bible, one of the things the devil is called is “the accuser of the brethren.” (See Revelation 12:10) What’s he accusing us of? I’m sure he’s naming off all our sins; all those times we exercise our free will to thumb our nose at God. He yells out: “Look at that one, God, see what a horrible thing they decided to do!”

The Lord’s response? “Exactly!”


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