Wake Up Call

“There is hope in your future, says the Lord, that your children shall come back to their own border.” (Jeremiah 31:17) What a good thing to remember if you have a child who has wandered far away from the Lord.

Suppose you taught your child about God and always lived what you said you believed. Suppose you prayed and trusted your child’s heart and future to the Lord. Now, maybe they have crossed over to a foreign land and you don’t even speak the same language anymore.

I’ve often heard Americans speak about their emotions for their country when they are on foreign soil. My sister once told me, after crossing the border from another country; she stopped her car, got out and kissed the ground. She missed and appreciated the United States most when she was away.

The old saying goes: “There’s no place like home”. No matter how far they have gone there is a corner of the heart that tugs to return to the roots and comforts of home. That might be a good way to pray. Pray for your child to have a serious case of homesickness for God. Pray and declare this scripture: “Lord, there is hope in my future because you are bringing back my child to their own border.”

Once they have safely crossed back over the border and returned to God, make them glad they returned. Welcome your homesick child with love and open arms.



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