Where Is My Friend?

Wake Up Call

Yesterday I wrote a Wake Up Call about the necessity we all have for friends. We are here for each other and we need each other to depend upon. But there are those of you out there who felt discouraged when you read that. “Where is my friend?” you say. “I haven’t turned down any friendships; I’m lonely for a friend.”

Start looking around. Maybe God has planted a potential friendship for you that you have never considered before. Maybe there is someone close by just waiting for YOU to come into their life and be their friend. Maybe you never thought of it before because the person doesn’t match some criteria in your mind but you can change your mind.

Ask God to open your eyes. You need to stay on the alert and ready to extend the hand of friendship. Who might need you right now? A smile, an encouraging word, an offer of help, an invitation to lunch – these can all turn into friendships. Look at how you can fulfill a need that might be there for the other person. Give first; receiving will come.

Where is your friend? I believe God has one for you, probably more than one. Maybe they are already planted in your garden, just waiting to bloom. Head out there with your watering can. Soon you will have full blossoms of friendship ripe for the picking.



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