Lambs In Thickets – Genesis 22:7

Wake Up Call

What does God’s “providential plan” mean? The word providence comes from two Latin words: “pro” means “before” and “video” means “to see”. So it means to see in advance, or before the need is there.

Abraham knew God’s providence when he took his son Isaac up on the mountain to be sacrificed. When Isaac questioned, “Behold, the fire and the wood, but where is the lamb for the burnt offering?”(Genesis 22:7b), Abraham answered; “God will provide for Himself the lamb for the burnt offering, my son.” (Verse 8)

So he did. Just before Abraham’s knife fell on his precious son Isaac, God stopped him and showed him a ram that had been caught in a thicket. This had been prepared beforehand by the Lord to use as a substitute. Abraham named that place on the mountain, “The Lord Will Provide” – in Hebrew this is Jehovah Jireh.

From our own perspective we are sometimes caught short by unexpected events and circumstances in our lives. We had no idea that car was going to break down or that test was going to come back positive or that thief was going to clean us out. But God knew. He saw it all coming and was already preparing a solution.

Knowing that God is never surprised by the twists and turns of your life should be comforting. Have you recently had a disappointing surprise? Jehovah Jireh invites you to trust and believe that He has seen it all in advance and will provide. He still puts lambs in thickets. (For a deeper discussion of this topic, please see “Jehovah – Jireh – The Lord will provide.”)