Perfect Ending

Wake Up Call

I think I am very close to losing a dear friend of mine. She knows the end is near and has requested that she be transferred to hospice. I keep praying she will feel peace and God’s loving presence and that the end will not be traumatic but beautiful.

It’s remarkable that I number this woman as my friend. I’ve known her twice in my life, and the first time I knew her our relationship was rocky. We didn’t see eye to eye on most things and a heavy strain hung between us. We maintained an uneasy truce because we had to.

Then I didn’t see her for many years, and the chances that I ever would again seemed remote. But God put a set of circumstances in motion which brought us into each other’s life again. This time she was totally delightful to me; we laughed and talked and enjoyed wonderful conversations. I found out she is witty and intelligent and I found out I liked her after all. I think she has felt the same.

God ever so gently orchestrated healing between us. I shutter now to think of how close we might have come to parting life estranged. Instead, I treasure what passed between us the other morning at the hospital. I was holding her hand and as I got up to leave she said; “I love you.” “I love you too,” I responded. If I don’t see her again in this life; it’s a perfect ending.