Take A Step

Wake Up Call

I heard a true story once of a preacher visiting a church and at the end of the service, he prayed for people to come into their divine destinies. When a particular man was prayed for, the preacher told him; “You are called by God to pray for the sick. You have a healing ministry.” This struck the man as true; it was what he had also always felt in his own heart.

The preacher visited the church the following year and saw the man again. “How’s your healing ministry coming?” “Nothing has happened yet, I’m waiting on God’s timing” the man said. The preacher encouraged him to step forward and begin, even in some small way. He followed up again a few years later and it was the same – the man was still waiting.

About five years later the man died and he never once prayed for the sick or saw anyone recover. He never came into his divine destiny. He wasted time – waiting. Yes, sometimes God has a particular timing. I recall though, that Peter and John offered healing to the crippled man at the Gate Beautiful without waiting for any particular sign from God that this was the right time. They just did it because he was there and needed it.

What are you waiting for? Do you know your divine calling? Isn’t there some small move you can take in its direction? Exercising your gift prepares it for a ripening and a maturity. Go ahead…take a step.