Watch Your Back – Psalm 64:2

Wake Up Call

I remember some time ago when a secret document of a terrorist group came out revealing they see themselves in bleak condition. If authentic, it provides a rare view into their future plans. One of their strategies is to try to stir up trouble between the Allied forces and their neighbor, Iran. By falsely pinning bombings and kidnapping operations on Iran, they can mount a new and stronger offensive while their enemy’s mind is elsewhere.

This is classic battle strategy and it is not just used in the natural realm. The devil uses this same kind of tactic all the time and we should all be on guard and watching for it. Is there an area of your life where you are winning out over the master deceiver? Keep pounding away but watch for a missile to come flying in from out of left field.

Maybe you finally decided to stop smoking and with God’s help you feel close to total deliverance. Suddenly there is an eruption of squabbles in your neighborhood and you end up falsely accused of something you had nothing to do with. Your time, energy and prayer is taken up with the new attack so you don’t realize the tension is priming you to take up smoking again.

Each day, as you slip into your battle fatigues and prepare for whatever war games the enemy has planned, pray this simple prayer: “Hide me from the secret counsel of evildoers” (Psalm 64:2). Do that first and then watch your back!



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