When Silence Is Loudest

Wake Up Call

lily with trellisI’m by nature a very feisty person, not given to keeping my mouth shut in the face of lies or false accusations. Also, I’m not like most people who can’t think of an appropriate “zinger” in response to injustice. Unfortunately for me, I have been known to let fly with a razor sharp tongue and later regret my words.

Over time, I’ve learned some small measure of patience and control. This is especially important when under any kind of verbal attack. Though it’s very hard to hold your tongue when someone is accusing you, it’s usually the smartest thing to do. Often it’s also the most powerful.

Look at Jesus. When he was arrested they hurled every kind of lie against him and had many false witnesses to back things up. Rather than launch a defense, “Jesus kept silent.” (Matthew 26:63) The main reason is because he knew what was really going on. He was on a mission and this attack was ultimately going to work out for good for the whole of humanity.

We need to see things the same way. Look beyond the attack to what is really going on. The enemy has a plan but God has a better one and he’s able to execute it without our two cents thrown in.

As we quietly let God defend us in his own good time, that’s when our silence is loudest.


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