Hear That?

Wake Up Call

Have you heard in the news that teens are discovering that their cells phones can be equipped to emit a ringer tone that adults can’t usually hear? This means they don’t have to turn their phones off in school where calls are forbidden. Their teachers are mostly unaware when a call comes in.

Scientifically, all of this has to do with gradual hearing loss over time. As the teens pass into adulthood they will probably lose their ability to hear that tone also. For now it allows them to fly under the adult radar.

How many other things in young people’s lives are flying under adult radar? Probably quite a few but I’m concerned about those which may affect their spiritual ears. If we can’t “hear” their world we can’t communicate in a way that sends a call telling them how much God loves them.

We need to try harder to tune in to the frequency they are on. We need to get past body tattoos and piercings and strange clothes. Those things don’t matter to God and can’t matter to us if we want to impact their generation for Christ. Paul said; “I have become all things to all men, that I may by all means save some.” (1 Corinthians 9:22) If Paul were here today he would dive right into the youth culture and meet them on their own turf. He would work at it until he could hear along with them everything they are listening to.

But hey – you and I are here today. The phone is ringing. Hear that?


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