Fear Repellant

Wake Up Call

About a week ago, during my morning prayer, I felt God say something to me about fear. I heard this in part: “Fear empowers the enemy. He sniffs it out and pounces upon it because it works so well for his cause.”

Right away I thought of a person I know who has recently made some very bad choices in his life. I was reminded of being asked to pray for him at the end of church service months ago. Several of us on the Prayer Team gathered around him and had strong prayer for his requested need.

This brother did not appear to be fearful but appearances can be deceiving. Afterward I talked to one of the Prayer Team members who joined us and who has a very accurate gift of discernment. She told me that she sensed enormous fear. Since that time I have heard confirmations that fear is one of his biggest struggles.

Did Satan sniff that out in him and use it to his evil advantage? I believe so, based on what has transpired in the last couple of weeks. Again, from appearance, it would not be obvious that fear played any part in his recent decisions but I’ll bet you it actually played a big part.

Beware of fear gaining any foothold in your life. You don’t want the enemy of your soul sniffing around getting a big whiff of it on you. What can you do? Work at replacing fear with trust. “Behold, God is my salvation, I will trust and not be afraid.” (Isaiah 12:2)

Do you want to be immune from the devil’s big nose sniffing around your life? Trust is the best fear repellant.



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