Say It, Soul! – Psalm 103:1

Wake Up Call

“Bless the Lord, O my soul.” (Psalm 103:1) That’s good advice and your soul needs to hear it and then do it. What’s in the soul? Your mind, your emotions and your will.

Your mind may sometimes get to feeling too high and mighty to bless God. That’s where you analyze things and reason them out and there may be times when your mind can’t see any “reason” to praise God. From your mind’s perspective, it may look like life is in the dumpster and it would want to hold off until a few things turn around.

Your emotions are like a rollercoaster and one minute they would agree to bless God and the next minute they wouldn’t. The emotions would say; “let’s just bless God when we feel like it – when we are in the mood.”

Your will is a very stubborn little guy and will often dig in those heels and say; “I’m not blessing God until I WANT to. You can’t make me!” But God’s Word says to do it so that’s when your spirit steps in and says to these unruly soul mates: “Hey, I’m in charge here, not you, and I say we are going to BLESS THE LORD!”

If you continue reading on in Psalm 103, there is an abundance of blessings noted for which to praise and bless God. The list is really endless as you begin to count all the ways God deserves our jubilant praise. So don’t let your soul off the hook for even one day. No matter what you think, feel or want: say it, Soul!



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