Tugging At Your Pant Leg

Wake Up Call

As far as we know, Paul never had any children. Most believe he wasn’t even married but I have heard it asserted that he must have been because marriage was required for Pharisees and he came from that Jewish sect.

Even if he had no children in the natural, we know for sure he had spiritual children. He called Timothy his son and he addressed a letter “to Titus, my true child in a common faith.” (Titus 1:4) Sometimes spiritual children, birthed in the “common faith” are as deep as any natural bonds. Sometimes more so.

I can look back over time and see those that God sent along to me to be a spiritual mom or dad. Age isn’t the important thing here; it’s those who are seasoned and mature in the Lord. They grew up tall and straight and now they are ready to reach down and take the hand of a toddler who can’t yet walk alone.

There were times when I was wobbling close to the edge of a sharp cliff and a sure word of encouragement or correction steadied me until I could regain my path. Some won’t know until eternity what a difference they made in my life.

What about you? Who has made a difference to your spiritual walk? Who held on to you when you had a temper tantrum or prayed you through a very dark night of your soul? Who turned you around when you were going backward?

If you have had a spiritual parent, it is only right that you take a turn at being one. Look around. Maybe some new babe in Christ is tugging at your pant leg.


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