Believe For Something Better

Wake Up Call

A friend called me the other day to tell me about some pretty disappointing news. She took a step which seemed to be an opening from God and then the whole thing didn’t work out. She felt very sad.

An incident from my own life popped into my head and I told her about it. In case you have recently had a disappointment I’d like to share it with you too. Years ago I was house shopping for my first home for myself and my daughters. I was growing weary looking at house after house that didn’t fit the bill.

Finally I walked into an open house one Sunday afternoon and there it was. Perfect! The size, location, price, amenities – it had everything I was looking for and I immediately placed an offer. I was so excited because I was sure this was IT. They turned down my offer and before I could counter, they accepted someone else’s.

I could not understand what happened. I said; “Well God must have something better for me” but to be honest I was only mouthing words. The truth is that I was terribly disappointed. But, would you believe it? God did have something better – much better.

As I look back on that house in comparison to the one I ended up with, I have to smile with appreciation to a God who “is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think.” (Ephesians 3:20)

Whenever disappointment comes I look back at that episode. I learned a good lesson which has taken me through many years. So now – if you are disappointed with something that has fallen through; trust me in this. Believe for something better!


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