Sneak Up – Luke 8:46

Wake Up Call

As Jesus was on his way to the house of a man named Jairus whose daughter was dying, a determined (and sick) lady sneaked up and touched him. She didn’t want to make a scene so she just reached out for the fringe of his cloak because she believed that’s all it would take to heal her twelve year old hemorrhage. She was right. Afterward she probably intended to quietly disappear back into the crowd.

Jesus, however, was not having it and wanted to know who touched him. Peter said many were touching him but the Lord knew something was different about this touch. Her touch sucked something out of him. He replied: “‘Someone did touch Me, for I was aware that power had gone out of Me.'” (Luke 8:46)

They used to translate “power” as “virtue.” (I was aware that virtue had gone out of Me.) One of the dictionary meanings for virtue is “a capacity to act: potency.” Jesus was so potent with power that it was there for the taking and his input was not required. His “virtue” could be accessed by someone with faith. Faith acted like a siphon AND IT STILL DOES.

Healing comes in a number of ways but one of those ways is totally in our hands. This woman reached out and took her healing. Do you think Jesus is still just as filled with power/virtue as he was then? Well then, why don’t you sneak up on him and take some?



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