Best Role Model

Wake Up Call

What is your company culture like? Each workplace seems to have its own individual personality and whatever it is comes from the top down. I know someone who works in a company with a pretty dysfunctional culture. Rather than promote team efforts and cooperation, it’s every man for his self and when deemed necessary, it’s acceptable to throw others under the bus.

My friend asked me for insight into the totally unnecessary hostility of a recent incident because I was in a corporate environment for twenty six years. I said; “They probably don’t know any better. It’s what they learned from their first bosses when they got their first jobs and think that’s how you act. If they would have had better role models, they would have acted better now.”

If you are in a workplace right now as one with authority over others, your influence is greater than you might imagine. “Masters, grant to your slaves justice and fairness, knowing that you too have a Master in heaven.” (Colossians 4:1) In today’s world that’s talking about employers and employees.

Are you one in authority at your company? Think about this: in a 24 hour day, most people are in their workplace a third of the time. What a huge span to dwell in either a blessing or a curse. But you can make the difference.

Cultivate justice and fairness. Create a workplace that is pleasant and desirable. Even if it’s bad now, you can help to turn it around. Pray for your employees and support them to develop into their best selves. After all, you have the best role model: you have a Master in heaven. If you never learned from a godly boss on earth, ask him to teach you the ropes.


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