Selling Futures – Matthew 6:34

Wake Up Call

In the investment world, “futures” are speculative commodities such as wheat or soybean harvests. You never know for sure how those things are ultimately going to come in. Selling futures is a risky business because you are guessing now on a future event.

In our family we use it with an insider meaning. When we say, “Don’t sell futures” to each other we know exactly what is being said. It means don’t get ahead of the results and waste time investing emotionally in what may never come to pass. It means don’t act NOW like the worst case scenario has already happened. Have you ever done that? I have!

It’s easy to do when something negative happens. Suddenly worries are piled on worries and instead of waiting to see how things will really turn out, you open the door to self pity and despair. It’s really a big waste of time but we often do it anyhow.

The Bible has its own way of saying the same thing. Matthew 6:34 says; “Each day has enough trouble of its own.” Boy is that true! We can stay sufficiently busy handling today’s troubles without stockpiling for tomorrow. So the next time you start to speculate about what awful things might be in the works, remember: DON’T SELL FUTURES!