What If… – Acts 19:27

Wake Up Call

What if the great revival we have been expecting and praying for came? Wonderful, you say, that’s just what we hope will happen sooner rather than later. I agree. But how would things change if revival came full tilt?

Perhaps an incident from Paul’s missionary travels to Ephesus gives us a clue to at least one aspect of revival. Ephesus was a pagan, hedonistic society dedicated to the worship of the fertility goddess Diana. Much of the city’s commerce revolved around idol making, the goddess and her famous temple (one of the seven wonders of the ancient world.)

Paul’s preaching made inroads. More and more people turned from worship of Diana to the true living God. The income of the tradesmen was affected. A silversmith named Demetrius called the craftsmen together and incited them against Paul. He said; “So not only is this trade of ours in danger of falling into disrepute, but also the temple of the great goddess Diana may be despise and her magnificence destroyed, whom all Asia and the world worship.” (Acts 19:27) A huge riot followed; Paul was in great danger and afterward departed to Macedonia.

What commerce in our own society would unravel if revival took root? How many industries are profiting from sin and lawlessness? What if the pimps and drug dealers had no customers? What if no one visited the adult book stores? The income of our modern tradesmen would be affected.

Do we think they would sit idly by and let that happen? I doubt it. Continue to pray for revival because we desperately need it. But what if riots follow revival? Be prepared – they will.



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