Start Digging

Wake Up Call

When Abraham came into the land that God said would be the inheritance of his descendants, he made an oath with the king of that territory over the possession of certain wells that he had dug.

According to their ancient custom, Abraham offered Abimelech seven lambs “As a witness that I dug this well.” (Genesis 21:30) Acknowledgement of Abraham’s ownership of the wells was profoundly important not only as a water source for his household and flocks but because Abraham now had a real stake in the very land God said would later be possessed by his descendants.

Many years after the death of Abraham, his son Isaac returned to that same place and found that the Philistines had stopped up his father’s wells. He reopened them and gave them the same names his father had given them. (Genesis 26:18) For Isaac, re-digging the wells meant a great deal. He re-affirmed the covenant his father Abraham had with God and made it his own. The wells were a returning to the foundation of that covenant.

Do you have any wells in your family that need to be re-dug? Do you have a promised heritage of blessing that has been stopped up or left unattended for some time? Remember that all of God’s Word is an inheritance to you and to your descendants. Why shouldn’t every blessing rightfully yours and your children’s flow once more? Go ahead and start digging!


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