Hope – Psalm 42:11

Wake Up Call

I used to know a man very well who was remarkably talented. He was the guy who could fix anything and solve just about any problem. If a friend asked for help on a project that they simply couldn’t figure out themselves, there was almost no doubt he would have a solution.

You’ve heard the children’s story about the “Little Engine that Could”? Over time, that’s how I saw him – whatever impossible task was ahead, he COULD. Then one day, something happened. We were on a winter snowmobiling trip and someone’s car became hopelessly stuck. Everyone else gave up trying to pull it out and made their way back to the warm cabin.

He stayed with it for awhile longer but then appeared in the door with the statement; “Well, there’s no way to get that car out.” WHAT? No way? Something was wrong; this did not compute. I waited and then finally went over to him and said; “I’ve never heard you say that something can’t be done before. I KNOW you can figure out a way to release that car.”

He went back out and stared at it awhile, and finally did come up with a solution and the car was freed. I suspected then that he was in trouble. I was right about that too because over the next few months it became more apparent that he was in crisis. He was losing hope in himself.

I don’t know how that turned out for him. I haven’t been part of his life for many years. But if you are losing hope in yourself, let it go because hope in yourself is misplaced anyhow. Put your hope in the right place. “Why are you cast down, O my soul? And why are you disquieted within me? Hope in God (Psalm 42:11).



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